Re-Imagining the Future Landscape of Graphic Design

With the loss of our studio as a base for our community, the Graphic Communication Design (GCD) class of 2020 have been resilient and responsive to the current climate. We have laughed, cried and wobbled our way to each produce a body of work that is reflective of the times and of our individual identities as designers. Utilising these new and unexpected restrictions, we, as a GCD community, have continued to push the parameters of what design is and is seen to be. We design outside the lines.

The website is a non-hierarchical curation of our collective practices—each time the page is refreshed, new and unexpected connections form. Digital footprints archive where the viewer has navigated the site, mirroring the journey through a traditional exhibition space. This online archive allows for a deeper inquest into the conceptual rigour behind our outcomes, offering two perspectives of exploration.

The supporting publication offers an alternative preservation of the work; a graduate catalogue for the class of 2020. Though this currently exists in a digital environment, we are asking for individuals to activate their showcase. Download, print, and pin up your spreads, for our exhibition is no longer limited to the walls of Central Saint Martins.

Our student-led publication and website has been orchestrated by 'Nearly' and realised by the GCD community. Abbie Lilley and Lili Phillips would like to personally thank the GCD contributors and the extremely generous team who made this project possible: Amanda Gayle and Jann Choy, who built the beautiful website. And to Olivia Alexander and Ruth Pickering, for your patience, working with us on the publication and brand identity.

And of course, a special thanks to Kira Salter, for always believing in us.

Here's to our future!